About Amy Otten

Amy Otten is an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils currently residing in Kansas. She is a proud fur mama to two dogs, one horse and a cat. Growing up in Iowa her love of animals was apparent at an early age. She always dreamed of being a veterinarian, but sadly that dream came to an unexpected end her sophomore year of college with God having other plans for her future! Even though the dream of working with animals full time ended, her passion remained and continues to this day. Always looking for ways to enhance the welfare and health of her fur babies, she discovered Young Living and became tenacious in her quest to learn all she could about how using Essential Oils could benefit the lives of the animals she loves so dearly. Cooper, Doc, Achylles and Oliver all now benefit from her knowledge of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils daily and she has set out to educate other pet parents on the benefits of a chemical free lifestyle!

About Baby Steps

What started off as two moms with an interest in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils has turned into a team of thousands of families who are on a mission of discovery and growth as we transition to a more healthy lifestyle – together – one step at a time.

Why purchase your oils through distributors instead of through another store, website or company?

Because we set the industry standard for quality, not only with our oils and products but with our support of each member. Because we are not a chain store. We are not a big company who doesn’t know who you are. We are everything that is beautiful about small business. You can visit our farms, see our processes, and meet in our homes.

We are moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, coaches, students, introverts and extroverts, those with little education and those trained at the best universities. We are using the income we earn by supporting you and building community to pay for classes, groceries, shoes, family vacations, to build up savings, and to donate to our favorite charities. More than anything, we are using the money we earn to pour back into the health of our families and our communities. To USE the products we are sharing with you to increase our quality of life and to make us more effective in our callings.

You are not a number in our business transactions. You are a name, a face, a valued part of our team.

Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for choosing our families.

– Callie Shepherd & Courtney Critz

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